Elan Ripstick

Elan Ripstick 96 Black Edition

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The ski that provides a stable, powerful feel, the new Ripstick 96 Black Edition is ready to over-deliver on their promise to skiers looking for the ultimate, all-condition telemark freeride ski.

Ripstick 96 Black Edition exhibits an uncanny blend of versatility and stability to conquer any conditions the mountain has to offer. On hardpack, it performs smooth and confident like an all-mountain ski, while in soft snow, it floats and slashes like a big-mountain ski. The Tubelite Woodcore, featuring, two carbon rods following the sidecut has been enhanced with new QuadRod Technology; two additional carbon rods located in the tip and tail, for elite power transmission with a balanced feel. Carbon Line, a mesh carbon weave located along the inside edges of the tip and tail is bonded by an additional layer of carbon under the binding for superior smoothness and promotes a natural flex pattern for intuitive power transfer with ease. Both technologies amplify our asymmetrical Amphibio profile to bring exceptional edge grip and maneuverability to our most versatile shape. All the tech is wrapped in a tactical looking black-on-black camo wrap, giving this all-terrain weapon a sophisticated, stealthy, look and feel.



Length (cm) 164 172
Tip Width (mm) 133 136 136
Waist (mm) 94 95
Tail Width (mm) 108
Radius (m) 15 16
Pair Weight (​kg) 2.96kg ​​​ 3.23kg 3.3kg 3.58kg
Suggested Skier Height (cm) 156-164 164-172 172-180