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Wenatchee Telemark Festival

Staff Picks

TX Pro Men's NTN Telemark Boots$799.00

Scarpa go-anywhere NTN boot for big tours, deep snow, and day after day of powerful tele turns.

Outlaw X NTN Telemark Binding$469.95

The Outlaw X is our all-around NTN binding, with easy step-in and out, lightweight, and a bombproof design.

Tele jokes

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How do you know someone tele's?

Don’t worry they’ll tell you!

What did the tele skier say when ran out of weed?

Man these bindings suck!

Randoneé is French for "can't tele"

Unknown author

(still hiding)

What's a telemark skier's favorite kind of hat?

A duckbill cap.

I am not buying tele gear for 12 months,

and other hilarious jokes you can tell yourself.